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Your platform for the best French classes in Chandigarh. Get a personalized experience learning French with us as a hobby and to enhance your career goals!

LingoRelic takes you through a journey from being an absolute novice to being an expert at proficient French communication. We work on all aspects of language learning: Sentence formation, pronunciation & accent, listening comprehension, knowledge of grammatical concepts and implementation of what you know in real life in personal and professional settings.

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About French Language Institute in Chandigarh

French language institute “LingoRelic Language Academy” was inaugurated by Ms. Divya Singla on 12th March 2019 as a venture to cater to the French language learning needs of students and provide the best French classes in Chandigarh and across the world. At LingoRelic, you could avail online classes for French coaching, DELF/ DALF, TEF Coaching, TCF Coaching and French for school/ college/ university curriculum.  

With the passage of time, we have also succeeded in providing quality education in Online IELTS & PTE with the support of a highly experienced team. Trainers at LingoRelic have significant experience in delivering their knowledge online through the use of core LingoRelic language teaching methods. The online teaching strategies are designed such that they are absolutely different from the traditional offline techniques of teaching, Hence, they prove very effective in achieving the desired goal of online language learningWe strive to promote quality language learning across the globe for all age groups and to make language not just something that one learns but rather lives…

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Know Your Trainer…

Hi, I’m Divya…
I’m a French language tutor from India. I’ve been teaching French professionally online as well as offline for over 7 years. I have done an MA English Honors & I am a DELF B2 certified French language trainer (currently pursuing level C2). I’ve worked twice as an English Teaching Assistant in France: in Grenoble Academy (2019- 20) and in Reims Academy (2021- 22). As a teaching assistant, I gained considerable experience and skills in language teaching. Further, my experience working and living in France has helped me expand my linguistic and cultural knowledge, hone my skills, competencies and pedagogy in French language.

Why Choose LingoRelic?
Avail the best French classes in Chandigarh
  • B2- C1 certified French tutor with 7 years of teaching experience in India and France.
  • French classes for all age groups above 11
  • CEFR– aligned French language learning strategy.
  • Adequate number of hours at very affordable per hour cost with no compromise on quality
  • Course options also customizable as per your need, budget and timeline.
  • Flexibility in days & timings
  • Video recording for every single session provided
  • Soft copies of study material and books provided
  • Course- completion certificate
Why Choose LingoRelic?
Avail the best French classes in Chandigarh

Unique Ideas to Make a Difficult Concept Easy

Being a French student at LingoRelic, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Divya and talk about her teaching skills.

She is an amazing teacher who is equipped with plethora of skills to deliver intended knowledge. Sometimes I am surprised to see the variety she has to deliver the same lesson to different audience, based on their maturity and needs. She manages the knowledge log of each student separately, knows exactly what this person needs now or in near future and plans the lessons accordingly. These skills are a result of tremendous hard work, flawless planning and sheer dedication.

Being a teacher in my past, I can imagine the kind of patience needed from a teacher, especially from a language teacher and Divya is exceptionally patient as a teacher; she is cool headed even in the most obvious situations. This is indeed a rare personality skill.

At last, I would AGAIN touch upon her teaching skills (because I am a fan), she just comes up with a unique, out of the box idea to deliver a difficult lesson that will make student’s life easy and derive progress. She also plans regular tests, group discussions and whatever is needed for student’s learning.

Thank you Divya for being a great French teacher, keep learning, flourishing in your career and have a great health for yourself.

Abhey Mutneja (French- A1, A2)


Get the right amount of knowledge that you need

I loved how Divya taught French with so much passion and love for the language. It really helped me improve my French level and being based in Paris myself I had the right amount of knowledge given to me. I really progressed in no time.

Tamanna Gupta (French- A1, A2)

Paris, France

Flexibility in schedule

I have been taking online French classes (as I am in France) and I must say that this is the best platform to learn French. Divya Ma’am is a great teacher and explains every tiny bit with the same devotion. The classes are flexible and no matter how tight the schedule is, they will always go a step further to make it happen. I am very satisfied with my classes and I would recommend them to others as well.

Rachita Bhargava (French- A1, A2)

Paris, France (Now in Luxembourg City)

Extra attention to detail to help you build confidence

Joining LingoRelic was my best decision in the process of learning French. After joining, I realised where I need to focus more and thanks to Divya, I am now confident with French within 3 months. Once your base is strong, you can easily accomplish all your levels and She helps you with every small detail by giving extra attention and putting in a lot of extra effort to help understand language better. Thank you Divya, It was a wonderful experience learning with you. I would highly recommend her to those who want to learn French. 


Sapan Grewal (French- A2, B1, TEF Preparation)

Chandigarh, India

Focus on correct pronunciation

Divya has a great command over the language, given the fact that she has done a few teaching stints in France. Her classes are well-structured, with proper notes shared for self-study. What I liked the most was the emphasis she lays on pronunciation because that is one aspect that most other teachers ignore to do. She also uses a variety of resources to supplement the regular textbook learning. As a student, I’d look forward to her class everyday. They were fun, interactive, and always enriching.

Shruti Bose (Assistante d'Anglais en France 2022-23) (French- A2, B1)

New Delhi, India

High- class Professionalism and dedication

I highly recommend Divya for French class. Appreciate her high-class professionalism and dedication to the job. Best ever online classes. She instilled great confidence to learn French with such ease. Thank you, Divya

Kalpana Mohanakrishnan (French- A1, A2, B1)

Botswana, South Africa

Excellent pedagogy of grammar and vocabulary

– Fluid course structure.
– Complex things broken in easy parts.
– Focuses on rules of the language first and then vocab which really helps.
– Comparison with other languages helps to get a perspective.

Heemanshu Dhruv (French A1, A2)

Geneva, Switzerland

Get your Canadian PR

Learning French at LingoRelic was the best decision I ever made. When I started learning French again after two years (I was at A2 level), I was hardly able to make sentences and that too with plenty of errors. But within one month of taking the TCF course I am now able to communicate and express my thoughts clearly in la langue française. I achieved B1 B2 in all my Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. CLB 7 in French Speaking. I am more than happy today, as this decision of learning French from Divya made me accomplish my dream of getting Canadian PR. If you are looking for French classes, this is the place and this is from where it leads to the pathway for success.

Navneet Bansal (French- A1, A2, B1, B2, TCF Preparation)

Montréal, Québec, Canada

Learn Street French

Divya taught me in 2018. I was going to France for my studies so I decided to take a French course. I started from A1 not knowing anything about the language or the country. Divya’s methods of teaching are very effective and engaging. I finished B1 by the time I left and it helped me a lot in my life and career in France. Divya always finds a way to explain the complex concept of French grammar and never leaves you in any doubt. Her constant motivation and efforts pushed me to learn the language that I never thought I could learn. Her expertise and experience of the French language is proven by her various experiences in France. Her experience helped me to learn the language with perfect basics of the theory but also “STREET LANGUAGE” that you hear in your everyday life in France. If you are looking for a complete experience of the French language with an experienced teacher, I recommend you to not look any further.

Mudit Shukla (French- A1, A2, B1)

Grenoble, France (Now in Munich, Germany)

Get Neat and Organized Notes

French- a dream for many-usually remains a dream without a good teacher. I am so fortunate that I have found Divya through LingoRelic classes. I wouldn’t have imagined learning this complex language with so much ease and flow without her wonderful ways of teaching and commitment for the success of her students. She is extremely passionate about her work and finds true joy in seeing her students excel in the subject. She is always there for her students, which keeps a learner encouraged to keep going. She does her best to reach a student’s level of understanding and take them with the pace they are comfortable at. She also has really neat and organized notes to help a student learn bit by bit in a way that it doesn’t overwhelm them.

I would say I made the best choice to choose her as my teacher. Thank you Divya ma’am. 🤗

Nitisha Sharma (French- A1, A2)

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Fall in love with language learning

The unconventional teaching methods and interactive sessions has made me fall in love with the process of learning language. Self-explanatory handwritten notes are provided in the class which helps to have a better clarity than the books offered to learn French in general. It is my immense pleasure to learn at a platform which is challenging and promising. Thank you ma’am.

Purva Awasthi (French- A1, A2, B1)

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Have the best linguistic experience

You’ve been the best language teacher in all my years of learning. You’ve made learning a foreign language a fun and intriguing activity and not something to be dreaded. All the lesson plans are very systematic, the modules informative and the approach efficient. I am having the best linguistic experience one could hope for. And I fully recommend any and every person who aims to learn French to go nowhere else but here. You’re as good a person as you’re a teacher. I’m full of gratitude and appreciation for your time and efforts in aiding my goals.

Anushka Malik (French- A1, A2)

Hisar, India

Get continuous encouragement

I would definitely recommend LingoRelic for French classes. Divya is a great teacher and always there to help you. Learning with Divya was not only helpful but very enjoyable. Her teaching methods are great and she encourages the students in every step. I can confidently say that my French has improved a lot now. I am grateful to her and thoroughly recommend her.

Shara Naik (French- A1, A2, B1)

Paris, France

Get personal attention to make your language- learning journey easy

The highly professional interaction of Miss Divya has made my French journey from being difficult to interesting going by the methods adopted by mam as well as personal attention she provides makes her different . I wish her best for all the efforts she put in as a mentor and god bless her

Ameet Kour (French- A1, A2, B1, B2, TEF Preparation)

Jammu, India

Learn about the French culture and native French accent

Divya not only teaches the language but also the French culture, which truly elevates the overall learning experience. She has mastered the French accent and with Divya you will get to know the native level accent. Moreover, she is always available for her students. Divya is the best teacher for French.

Tarushi Jain (French- B2)

Orléans, France

Learn French and English with LingoRelic

This is a little note to let you know just how helpful you have been. You’re such an amazing teacher and I hope you know that! When I go to your French classes, I leave energized and excited. You’re what a teacher is supposed to be – thanks for the motivation! Your classes are just so inspiring I’ve never had a teacher like you and for that, I’m so, so thankful every day, you are a true godsend! You’ve got all of the best qualities good teacher. Because of you now I have good knowledge of French. MERCI BEAUCOUP MME.
Also, the English- speaking tutor is very humble, kind, and friendly. I really enjoyed our conversation as well as online classes. Also, with her help, I got to reach this level and I was able to improve my Spoken English skills. LingoRelic provides many facilities under one roof. I got to improve my French and Spoken English and I enjoyed a lot. At first, I was very nervous but they made me feel very comfortable. They work really hard for their students and I am happy to say that I am part of it. A massive thanks to LingoRelic as well as its teachers who taught me a lot. Both teachers are very cheerful and professional. I would like to recommend it to everyone.

Aaiysha Sharif (Panjab University Curriculum for French, DELF A1 Exam Preparation, Spoken English)

Chandigarh, India

See the difference in your communication skills

It Is a great pleasure of being a student of LingoRelic Academy and especially being a student of Ms. Divya. I started my B1 level with Divya ma’am and now I can see a lot of difference in my speaking skills. The way she teaches, gives personal attention to each n every student, is available when you need her help, all these things are commendable and appreciable.

Palak Gupta (French- A2, B1)

Karnal, India

Get your desired scores in DELF, DALF, TEF & TCF exams

I started learning French with LingoRelic as a beginner (A2). Within almost 3 months of enrolling in the TEF Canada course, I could speak, write, read and listen comfortably. She tackles specific topics which usually come in TEF writing and speaking. Now, I have gained confidence in the French Language and can express myself in it. Thanks Divya, it was a wonderful experience learning French with you.

Harkirat Singh (French- A2 Refresher, B1, TEF Canada Preparation)

Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Revision and Doubt- discussion

I have been revising my A1 and completing A2 with Divya since February now and I look forward to my lessons with her. She is a kind and patient person who solves each and every doubt of mine. She is always available to help solve doubts and is very focused on strengthening basic concepts. I enjoy learning French from her very much.

Shanya Banerjee (French- A1 Refresher, A2)

Reims, France

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Learn more about French in Chandigarh

What’s my level in French?
If you’re not sure about your level, you may avail the opportunity to take our CEFR level test and know your level.

CONTACT US: Contact LingoRelic

What are the levels in French language?
CEFR is a standard process of French learning. It is also recognised at an international level. It makes the French language learning process more goal- oriented, measurable, systematic and comprehensive. In other words, CEFR is that framework decided to help you learn the language. The levels range from Beginner to Advanced. During your learning process, you come closer & closer to native- level fluency. To know more about CEFR levels, Click here: CEFR Levels 


What does B2 level French mean?
B2 is the least level that French universities expect from their foreign students. Some will need that you prove it by passing the DELF B2. Also, to meet a CLB 7 for Canadian immigration a candidate is expected to achieve a minimum of level B2 in TEF Canada for a better CRS score. To know more, click here: CEFR levels
Is B2 level French Good?
Level B2 represents a learner who is capable of communicating in a more fluent and simple way while using more idioms, complex sentences, connectors and tenses. At this level, your reading is pretty good, only needing to look up a word in the dictionary. You become expert enough in understanding a complex text and dealing with general as well as specific themes.
Is B2 fluent?
At level B2 you’ll find that you’re able to follow a college lecturer speaking in good French. Also, you’ll be able to carry an extended conversation on a variety of topics. You can hold technical discussions in your field of specialisation. Besides, you’ll be able to converse with native French speakers and comprehend them to express yourself without thinking of vocabulary, grammar and sentence structures. To know more, click here: CEFR LEVELS

Are native speakers C2?
Native speakers are “native” and hence the CEFR framework. It is not meant to measure their level of French competency. Yet, it may be said that an individual who has qualified a C2 level is quite near to native- level fluency.
How long does it take to learn French B2?

For beginning from a ground level, the least duration, cut short to the most possible would be 10- 12 months. These 10- 12 months demand an absolute level of dedication, time and efforts put in GENUINELY learning the French language.

What is TEF and TCF Canada?
TEF Canada is an exam for individuals aspiring to assess their level of competency in French language. It is meant for immigration to Canada & Quebec or for applications for Canadian citizenship. TCF Canada is an exam for candidates  who wish to begin the process for economic immigration and for Canadian citizenship through IRCC.



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