I would like to leave small note to all those who wish to learn French from the very basic A1 level. This being a foreign language, I was too skeptical to take a decision on whether to or not to give it a try, but after attending the demo class by Divya I understood that this is the teacher whom I have been searching for. She guides you like a parent guiding their first born and thats the highlight, trust me. She is there for you right from building & boosting your confidence level to all the aspects of the language. Every new learner would have the feeling that oh! I am not capable, I won’t catch up, it’s too difficult etc. But Divya is so encouraging that we will naturally overcome those fears. Her way of teaching seems to be unique from my previous learning experiences. She is not that traditional type of teacher, but she makes learning easier. Divya is very understanding and softspoken, always with her welcoming smile. She clears all your doubts and is ready to explain things again and again so that we could understand the concept better.