DELF / DALF Courses (As per CEFR Levels)


CEFR is a standard process of French learning and is recognized at an international level. It makes the French language learning process more objective, measurable, systematic, and comprehensive. In other words, CEFR is that framework that is the basis decided to help you to learn a language in terms of levels ranging from Beginner to Advanced. As you go all the way up as per CEFR levels during your learning process, you come closer & closer to native-level fluency.

At LingoRelic, we keep the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) as the basis of all our language teaching in order to make the learning process objective, organized, and comprehensive for each learner.

Below are the details of the French language courses that we offer at LingoRelic for your DELF- DALF/ TEF/ TCF exams or for learning French as a hobby. Also, do check the course content for each level.

The course enrollment may be done either level-wise, 2 or more levels combined, or lump sum. However, no monthly payments can be made for level-wise enrollments. For discussing your specific needs in a course or customization in the course duration, please contact us.

Looking for a customized French course to suit your French learning needs?

For any level, age, exam and goal, and duration, give us a chance to have a course designed for you.


If you’re not sure about your level, you may avail the opportunity to take our CEFR level test and know your level.


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