When I started searching for a suitable French language teacher for myself, I was looking for someone who can teach French using English AND French, is kind, understanding, & compassionate, and provides video recordings of classes. Divya ma’am is an amazing amalgamation of what I was looking for in a French teacher. She *gets* me! That’s what matters to me as a beginner-level learner of the language. For beginners, the most effective way to learn French is using a combination of both French + a language that the learner already knows (English, in my case). A popular French language teaching organization in India simply doesn’t seem to understand this but Divya ma’am does and that’s what sets her apart. I am glad that she knows & employs this pedagogical method, in addition to using a variety of ways to teach her students to ensure that they learn in a supportive & amiable environment. More power to her!