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Discover LingoRelic, your ultimate ONLINE platform for the best French classes in Chandigarh! Experience personalized learning for hobbyists and career-driven individuals alike, empowering you to excel in DELF/DALF, TEF Canada, and TCF Canada exams, boosting your CRS score in the Canadian Express Entry.

Our unique methodology ensures proficiency up to CLB 7+ (B2+/C1 level) in TEF Canada/TCF Canada. From pronunciation to real-life application, we’ll guide you from novice to expert in French communication. Our trained experts are all B2/ C1 level certified.

Unleash your potential with LingoRelic’s captivating language journey.

Small Groups for Personalized Focus

Ensuring Personalized Attention for Each Learner

Tailored Educational Journey

Quality First: A Departure from Traditional Quantity-Based Approaches

Certification of Course Completion

Recognizing Your Active Participation in Learning

Tailored Learning Pathways

Streamlined Approach: From Simplicity to Complexity

About Your French Trainer…

Bonjour !

I am Divya, originally from India, and my journey with French learning began on 12th June 2015 as a hobby, out of sheer curiosity, but without a clear direction. Since 12th March 2019, I’ve been proudly steering LingoRelic, where I assist adults in preparing for prestigious exams like DELF, TEF Canada, and TCF Canada. I completed my MA in English Honors from Panjab University, Chandigarh in 2018, achieving my DELF B2 certification in 2017 and DALF C1 certification from Alliance française de Chandigarh in 2023. Currently, I’m pursuing both my DALF C2 certification and a Master’s degree in French from IGNOU. My academic background fuels my passion for language education, complemented by my A1 proficiency in Spanish.


In my exploration of the French language, I attained a high C1 level in speaking and a proficient B2 level in reading, listening, and writing, equivalent to CLB 7, during the TEF Canada exam in Paris.

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About French Language Institute in Chandigarh

Welcome to “LingoRelic Language Academy,” an extraordinary French language school spearheaded by the visionary Ms. Divya Singla. This women-led organization is committed to meeting the diverse French language learning needs of students in Chandigarh and beyond. Our mission is to offer the finest ONLINE French language classes, along with specialized training for DELF/DALF Exam Preparation, TEF Canada Preparation, and TCF Canada Preparation.

At LingoRelic, we pride ourselves on creating an unparalleled learning environment. Unlike traditional institutes, our uncrowded groups ensure a personalized and immersive experience for every student. Ms. Divya Singla’s visionary approach has redefined language education, making LingoRelic the go-to destination for those seeking an exceptional journey in mastering the French language.

Join us at LingoRelic Language Academy and unlock the full potential of your linguistic prowess with our exceptional courses and personalized guidance. Elevate your French language skills to new heights and embrace a world of opportunities that await you!

Most Popular FRENCH LANGUAGE Courses at LingoRelic

Here you may find the details of the French language courses that we offer at LingoRelic for your TEF Canada B2+/C1, TCF Canada B2+/C1 (CLB 7 or higher) to boost your CRS score in Canadian Express Entry, DELF exams, or for learning French as a hobby.

DELF Exams

Level A1, A2, B1 and B2 classes for DELF Exams & French learning as a hobby

TEF Exams

From absolute beginner to B2+/ C1 level

TEF CANADA Preparation (All grammar studies in French + Equipped with B2+/C1 level in the exam- CLB 7 or higher) to boost your CRS score in Canadian Express Entry

TCF Exams

From absolute beginner to B2+/ C1 level

TCF CANADA Preparation (All grammar studies in French + Equipped with B2+/ C1 level in the exam- CLB 7 or higher) to boost your CRS score in Canadian Express Entry

Why Choose LingoRelic?

Avail the best French classes in Chandigarh
  • B2- C1 certified French tutor with over 7 years of teaching experience in India and France.
  • French classes for all age groups above 17
  • CEFR– aligned French language learning strategy.
  • Adequate number of hours at very affordable per hour cost with no compromise on quality
  • Course options also customizable as per your need, budget, and timeline.
  • Flexibility in days & timings
  • Video recording for every single session provided
  • Soft copies of study material and books provided
  • No extra cost for study material
  • Course- completion certificate

Why Choose LingoRelic

Avail the best French classes in Chandigarh
  • Preparation for all French exams: DELF A1, A2, B1, B2, DALF- C1, TEF Canada, TCF Canada
  • More focus on Quality than on Quantity.
  • Simple to Complex teaching methodology.
  • All-inclusive online French language classes: Grammar, Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing, Knowledge about French culture, Conversation Workshops
  • Individual attention to each learner in uncrowded groups
  • WhatsApp assistance to solve doubts outside of class timings
  • Online French classes across all countries, no matter the time zone
  • DELF, DALF Exam Preparation, TEF Canada Exam Preparation, and TCF Canada Exam Preparation provided at competitive prices

Learn more about French in Chandigarh

What’s my level in French?
If you’re not sure about your level, you may avail the opportunity to take our CEFR level test and know your level.


What are the levels in French language?
CEFR is a standard process of French learning. It is also recognised at an international level. It makes the French language learning process more goal- oriented, measurable, systematic and comprehensive. In other words, CEFR is that framework decided to help you learn the language. The levels range from Beginner to Advanced. During your learning process, you come closer & closer to native- level fluency. To know more about CEFR levels, Click here: CEFR Levels 


What does B2 level French mean?
B2 is the least level that French universities expect from their foreign students. Some will need that you prove it by passing the DELF B2. Also, to meet a CLB 7 for Canadian immigration a candidate is expected to achieve a minimum of level B2 in TEF Canada for a better CRS score. To know more, click here: CEFR levels
Is B2 level French Good?
Level B2 represents a learner who is capable of communicating in a more fluent and simple way while using more idioms, complex sentences, connectors and tenses. At this level, your reading is pretty good, only needing to look up a word in the dictionary. You become expert enough in understanding a complex text and dealing with general as well as specific themes.
Is B2 fluent?
At level B2 you’ll find that you’re able to follow a college lecturer speaking in good French. Also, you’ll be able to carry an extended conversation on a variety of topics. You can hold technical discussions in your field of specialisation. Besides, you’ll be able to converse with native French speakers and comprehend them to express yourself without thinking of vocabulary, grammar and sentence structures. To know more, click here: CEFR LEVELS

Are native speakers C2?
Native speakers are “native” and hence the CEFR framework. It is not meant to measure their level of French competency. Yet, it may be said that an individual who has qualified a C2 level is quite near to native- level fluency.
How long does it take to learn French B2?
For beginning from a ground level, the least duration, cut short to the most possible would be 10- 12 months. These 10- 12 months demand an absolute level of dedication, time and efforts put in GENUINELY learning the French language.
What is TEF and TCF Canada?
TEF Canada is an exam for individuals aspiring to assess their level of competency in French language. It is meant for immigration to Canada & Quebec or for applications for Canadian citizenship. TCF Canada is an exam for candidates  who wish to begin the process for economic immigration and for Canadian citizenship through IRCC.

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