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A women- led language institution, LingoRelic Language Academy was inaugurated by Ms. Divya Singla in Chandigarh on 12th March 2019 as a venture to cater to French language learning needs of students across the world. With the passage of time and with excellent feedback of our students, we have successfully introduced online classes for IELTS, PTE, Spoken English and Personality Development under the guidance of our our excellent and highly- proficient trainers.

At LingoRelic, we aim to broaden the horizon of our learners while providing them with quality language education and catering to their ever- changing requirements. As mentors and trainers, we aim to be known worldwide for our performance, service, quality and perfection. Our motive lies in the holistic development of language learners who associate with us.

Our trainers at LingoRelic have a significant experience in delivering their knowledge offline as well as online through the use of core LingoRelic language teaching methods. The online teaching strategies are mostly activity- based and are designed such that they are absolutely different from the traditional offline techniques of teaching, Hence, they prove very effective in achieving the desired goal of online language learning. 

At LingoRelic, we promise you that your dedicated efforts combined with our guidance will help you gain that desired level of perfection in French without even having to come out of your house. We do absolutely value the time, effort & money that you’re investing while trusting us for your language learning. Keeping this in mind, we leave no stone unturned in providing you the quality education that you expect from us.

Not to forget, the online French learning sessions provide you the flexibility to monitor your language learning without even having to miss the sessions. You can take the lessons without the obstacle of having to arrive at a physical location. You’ll be able to enjoy the lessons while staying in you bed or even while traveling!



LingoRelic provides language learning courses that are concentrated on activity- based learning that’s not confined to just grammar lessons. In fact, we make sure to impart knowledge about essential components including culture, life in a francophone country, pronunciation, sentence structures, native expressions, slangs, idioms, phrases and a lot more to help you communicate with expertise in a real setting. Here’ s why a language course taken at LingoRelic is so special!

1. Audio Recordings

We start off by making you listen to a variety of audios recordings of native French speakers in native accents. Through these audios, you’ll get a glimpse to what French sounds like and hence we enable you to be able to adopt that style gradually. Even through the course, you’ll be made to listen to unlimited audio recordings and watch videos to practice understanding the native French speakers well.

2. Polish your French pronunciation

Since you’re learning French, one very important goal is that you speak it in a manner that French native speakers can really understand you! LingoRelic will help you practice your pronunciation skills to French words, expressions & phrases.

3. Interactive sessions to face a real French setting

We train you to deal with real- life French conversations that you will come across while being in a French surrounding. This will include authentic cultural references in addition to activities like listening to audio recordings, taking down conversational French expressions & phrases, using them in role plays, writing letters both informal & formal and practicing reading posters, advertisements, banners, announcements, descriptive & informative passages etc. Hence, the sessions become fun and extremely enjoyable!

Divya Singla – French Language Instructor

Hi, I’m Divya…
I’m a French language instructor from India. I’ve been teaching French professionally online as well as offline for over 5 years. I have done an MA in English Honours & am certified DELF level B2 in French (currently pursuing C1). Additionally, I’ve worked as an English Language Teaching Assistant in France where I gained considerable experience and skills in language teaching. Further, my experience working and living in France has helped me expand my knowledge, hone my skills, competencies and pedagogy in French language.
I train learners who wish to learn French as a hobby or for professional reasons and exams for DELF, DALF and TEF/ TCF. I’m quite passionate about teaching French. I am aware of the challenges that non- native French learners generally come across during their process of learning. Being very organised in my work, I understand what’s really needed and how to explain it. That is what makes my meticulously- planned lessons and course content so special and suitable for students of all levels and age groups to find it understandable. I help you gain an essence of not only the French language, but also the culture while being in the absolute comfort of your home.
I always work hard to make your journey of French learning smooth but at the same time, I prefer to be organised and detailed, because ultimately, learning a foreign language is meant to open up your world!


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