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Divya Singla – C1 certified French Language Trainer

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I am Divya, originally from India, and my journey with French learning began on 12th June 2015 as a hobby, out of sheer curiosity, but without a clear direction. Since 12th March 2019, I’ve been proudly steering LingoRelic, where I assist adults in preparing for prestigious exams like DELF, TEF Canada, and TCF Canada. I completed my MA in English Honors from Panjab University, Chandigarh in 2018, achieving my DELF B2 certification in 2017 and DALF C1 certification from Alliance française de Chandigarh in 2023. Currently, I’m pursuing both my DALF C2 certification and a Master’s degree in French from IGNOU. My academic background fuels my passion for language education, complemented by my A1 proficiency in Spanish.

In my exploration of the French language, I attained a high C1 level in speaking and a proficient B2 level in reading, listening, and writing, equivalent to CLB 7, during the TEF Canada exam in Paris.

During my tenure as an English Language Teaching Assistant at Grenoble Academy and Reims Academy in France, I refined my language teaching skills, making a significant impact on secondary and high school students. Living in France and traveling across Europe broadened my cultural and language horizons, enabling me to connect with people from various backgrounds.

Having learnt Psychology during my graduation, I was captivated by the intersection of Psychology and language learning, which led me to choose a career in languages over Clinical Psychology. As a professional, I enjoy exploring how language learning connects to human psychology and witnessing adults embrace foreign languages. In my classes, I help students understand the differences between “language acquisition” and “language learning,” fostering their passion for French.

As someone who started learning French as a second language at the age of 18, I understand the challenges learners face. My strong organizational skills and knack for simplifying complex concepts ensure a rewarding learning experience. I carefully design lessons for all levels and exams, incorporating the essence of French culture. Drawing from my time in France, I aim to make your journey in learning French smooth and enjoyable, contributing to the global French learning community.

Together, let’s embark on this delightful linguistic adventure!

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 Welcome to “LingoRelic Language Academy,” an extraordinary French language institute spearheaded by the visionary Ms. Divya Singla. Established on 12th March 2019, this women-led organization is committed to meeting the diverse French language learning needs of students in Chandigarh and beyond. Our mission is to offer the finest online French classes, along with specialized training for DELF/DALF Exam Preparation, TEF Canada Preparation, and TCF Canada Preparation.

At LingoRelic, we pride ourselves on creating an unparalleled learning environment. Unlike traditional institutes, our uncrowded groups ensure a personalized and immersive experience for every student. Ms. Divya Singla’s visionary approach has redefined language education, making LingoRelic the go-to destination for those seeking an exceptional journey in mastering the French language.

Join us at LingoRelic Language Academy and unlock the full potential of your linguistic prowess with our exceptional courses and personalized guidance. Elevate your French language skills to new heights and embrace a world of opportunities that await you!


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LingoRelic provides language learning courses that are concentrated on activity-based learning that’s not confined to just grammar lessons. In fact, we make sure to impart knowledge about essential components including culture, life in a francophone country, pronunciation, sentence structures, native expressions, slang, idioms, phrases, and a lot more to help you communicate with expertise in a real setting. Here’s why a language course taken at LingoRelic is so special!

1. Audio Recordings

Experience the authentic essence of French through a diverse array of audio recordings featuring native speakers. Immerse yourself in the melodic cadence of the language, gradually adopting its unique style. Throughout the course, unlimited audio recordings and videos will refine your comprehension of native French speakers. Enhance your ability to understand and communicate with confidence. Join us to embark on this captivating linguistic journey today!



2. Polish Your French Pronunciation

At LingoRelic, our paramount goal is to ensure your French speaking proficiency resonates with native speakers. Master the art of pronunciation for French words, expressions, and phrases with our expert guidance. Elevate your communication skills to effortlessly connect with native speakers. Unlock the true essence of French language and culture with us.


3. Interactive sessions to face a real French setting

Experience real-life French conversations in immersive surroundings at LingoRelic. Engage in authentic cultural references while honing your skills through interactive activities like listening to audio recordings, role-playing with conversational expressions, writing informal and formal letters, and practicing reading diverse passages. Our dynamic sessions make learning enjoyable and fun! Join us now to embark on a captivating journey into the heart of the French language and culture.


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