Canada has two official languages: English and French. In addition, it is a country most dependent on immigrants considering that the Canadian native population is not so much. In Canada, there are limitless advantages to learning French. If you are planning to immigrate to Canada, start learning French in Chandigarh at least 8- 10 months before your arrival. It will help you become proficient enough to adjust there.

Canada offers unlimited scope for skilled immigrants who have a good level of proficiency in English and French. Being bilingual, you will find it easier to get accustomed to the environment and you will be able to avail a variety of career options. In addition, immigrating to Canada through Express Entry will become way easier for you.

Is French spoken all across Canada?

There are both English-speaking and French-speaking provinces in Canada. That is why you can easily adjust without having to learn French. However, French is the first language of about 7.2 million Canadians (about 20% of the Canadian population). It would serve as a great asset socially as well as professionally even if you know basic French.

The biggest French-speaking province of Canada is Quebec. In all the other nine Canadian provinces, English is the first language. However, there still exist francophone communities in each of them.

Is it Compulsory for College Students in Canada to Learn French?

In case you are planning to study in Canada, you will not need to learn French.

Here are the universities in Quebec whose medium of instruction is NOT French:

  • McGill University (Montreal)

  • Concordia University (Montreal)

  • Bishop’s University (Sherbrooke)

Benefits of Studying at a French University in Canada

New immigrants need to take advantage of Canadian public services. While adjusting to the new country, you will need a lot of resources and support. That makes it indispensable to know the language preferred by the top service providers in your region. If you are based in a French-dominated province, there is no way you can survive there without knowing French even if your university studies are in English. To encourage French learning among non-native speakers, the Canadian government provides government-funded classes to new immigrants.

Can You Get a Job in Canada with the Knowledge of French?

Most definitely! Being bilingual in Canada is sure to enhance opportunities for your employment. Canada provides a plethora of jobs exclusively reserved for bilinguals with a good level of proficiency in English and French. Not only this, but it also increases the chances of you earning a better salary. Multinational companies in Canada are on the lookout for workers who are fluent in English and French. Knowing both languages will expand your job search to any Canadian province, increasing your chances of getting hired more quickly and at a higher salary. Furthermore, in Canada, bilingual employees can avail a bilingualism bonus: a stipend of $800 from the government.

To live in Canada, French is certainly not the topmost requirement. However, with this skill more opportunities will open up for you on the social and professional front. You will more fully experience the wonderful multiculturalism of Canada while being able to survive much more at ease.

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