The format of the TEF Canada for Listening and Reading modules has changed Monday, 11th December 2023 onwards. Please note that there are no changes in Speaking and Writing modules.

Through this article let’s understand the changes introduced.

Why these changes have been introduced

The revised structure of the TEF Canada examination incorporates genuine topics reflecting real-world scenarios, while also acknowledging the diverse cultural and social aspects across Francophone nations. The audio and written materials draw heavily from Francophone news articles, providing a more authentic assessment.

Furthermore, a user-friendly layout facilitates smoother transitions between distinct skills, enhancing the overall test-taking experience for students.

What are the changes in Listening & Reading?

IMPORTANT- The Speaking and Writing modules are the same.

1. Fewer questions in both Listening and Reading modules. Listening has 40 questions while Reading has 60 minutes. There are no changes in the duration of these modules. Listening- 40 minutes and Reading- 60 minutes.

2. Additional question types have been introduced, designed to be more straightforward and easier for test-takers.

Changes in the types of questions

Reading Module:

What is no longer included are sections involving organizing passages in a sequence and constructing synonymous sentences, previously known as sections C and D.

What is undergoing change is the advancement of fill-in-the-blank passages, previously categorized as section B, which have now been modified or improved.

The latest updates include an increased number of passages, the introduction of incomplete sentences (where a word is omitted from a sentence), as well as straightforward  reading exercises that involve short passages and charts.

Listening Module:

The sections getting eliminated are the sections involving the identification of radio programs (previously section B) and phonetics exercises (previously section D).
Undergoing evolution are tasks related to arranging images in sequence (previously section A), responding to answering machine messages and public announcements (previously section B), as well as exercises centered around on-the-street interviews (previously section C).

The latest addition includes an expanded array of audio tracks, notably incorporating a radio broadcast among them. Bellow is the final format for Reading and Listening modules of the

New format of Reading and Listening in the TEF Canada exam:

Sample question papers for Listening Module

Sample question papers for Reading Module

Online PDF and Audios of the New TEF Canada Exam Format

Buy a hard copy and CD for the new TEF Canada format (In India)

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Video: Reading Format Preparation & Tips

Video: All new changes in TEF Canada Explained

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