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Coucou ! So in today’s blog, I will bring to you the most updated information regarding applying for the Teaching Assistants’ Programme in France. From 2022 owards, the application process is completely online and so now you need not get any papers printed or signed by your établissement or French teacher. Most new applicants are having lots of doubts regarding the new application process, so I thought I’ll try to contribute with the best of my knowledge and research.

If you do not know yet what this programme is, please refer to my blog post.

So if you are ready to live amidst and explore French life while also getting  a paid opportunity to travel in Europe, and if you plan to apply for the programme to get selected for the upcoming year, here is some important information you will need to know before applying:


● You must be an Indian citizen and must have a valid passport. At the time of application, you MUST be residing in India.
● You must be between 20 to 35 years of age before 1st October of the year that you are applying.
● You must have a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline.
● You must have a minimum level DELF B1 or a Bachelor’s degree in French. (A Master’s degree without a Bachelor’s degree won’t work in case you do not even have a minimum of DELF B1 certification.)
● You must have an overall 7.5 or more bands in IELTS (Academic test) under IDP. The individual module scores do not matter. However, an overall band score of any less than 7.5 is NOT accepted.
● You must be currently enrolled as a student at either Alliance française or at any recognized university in India.


The applications usually open around the month of October every year. This year they opened on 20th October. The last date for application is 2nd December. However, most often, the deadlines are extended up to almost the mid of January..


● Valid passport
Student status: You’ll need a Bonafide certificate from your university or Alliance française.
IELTS  (Academic) Result under British Council or IDP, not older than 2 years, 7.5 or more bands. An overall band score of any lesser than 7.5 is not acceptable. The individual module scores are not considered.
DELF B1 or upper certification OR Bachelor’s degree in French. An Attestation de réussite can be attached in case the DELF certificate has not been received yet. A Master’s degree without a Bachelor’s degree won’t work. In such a case, you will require a minimum of DELF B1 certification.
Lettre de motivation (in French and in English)- 350- 400 words approxfor each. You should  draft your lettre de motivation in English and in French on a Word Document/ Google document  first, and then copy-paste it on the form. Finally, make changes, if needed, instead of directly writing it in the form.
Lettre de recommendation on ADELE from your CURRENT French teacher who is working at a university or Alliance française. A teacher working as a freelancer, or someone who has now resigned from the university or from Alliance française, or someone who was your teacher in the past cannot give a lettre de recommendation.
Proof (identity card) showing that you are currently enrolled at a recognized Indian university or at any Alliance française in India at the time of application. You could be enrolled for any course- online/ offline/ distant education course/ in any discipline (not necessarily French).
Marksheets of all educational qualifications: High school (+2), Bachelor’s (obligatory), Master’s and above (if completed).
Birth certificate (obligatory in English): This is an extremely important document for most of the documentation for application and while you’ll be in France. The French translation is not needed at the time of application but MIGHT be required at a later stage once you are selected. The same goes for the apostillation of the birth certificate.


The entire form is in French and from this year onwards, the entire application is done on the platform called ADELE. The registration process can only happen in sequence. You must follow the following three steps to complete their application:

STEP- 1: Registration of your Institution/ University/ Alliance française where you are currently enrolled as a student: Institutions may access the registration form on the platform on this page. Here’s a tutorial.

STEP- 2: Registration of the Professor Evaluator (PE) (Your Current French Professor from whom you will get the recommendation)
In order to evaluate the assistant’s application, professors must create their own account on ADELE, by linking to their home institution as in the previous step. Teachers may request registration on this linkHere’s a tutorial.

STEP- 3: Creation of the Wizard Account (You need to create your account)
Assistants may request account creation on this page. Here’s a tutorial.

Detailed tutorial for selected candidates april 2023

Once this process is done and approved from the applicant’s side, the form gets locked, it goes to the Embassy, and no further changes can be made.

Voilà ! Now that you have sent out your application, you may sit back and relax, and wait till April to hear from the Embassy about your selection. Take this time till September to make the best out of it while learning new things, preparing for your séjour in France, spending time with friends and family here and brushing up on your French Speaking and Listening.

Bonne chance !


1. Can I submit my birth certificate at a later stage?
– Birth certificate is an extremely important document in France. The earlier you submit it, the better.
2. I haven’t taken the IELTS exam yet. Can I submit my result at a later stage?
– The computer-based IELTS test result comes in 4-5 days, while the offline test result comes in 13 days. So you should take the test under IDP as early as possible and submit the report during the application.
3. Do I need a PCC at the time of application or later?
– No. You will only need it 3 months before the departure once you are selected for the programme.
4. Do I need to have my birth certificate apostille while applying?
– No, right now you just need an English translation. Apostillation can be done at a later stage once you are selected.
5. Is there an interview held for selection?
– No, none.
6. Is there anything that can increase my chances of selection?
– Make sure to have the best qualifications as per the minimum eligibility criteria. Write a good lettre de motivation. You may contact me for guidance in writing a lettre de motivation. WhatsApp: +91-9056131830

Applications are evaluated based on a number of criteria that are indicative of a candidate’s potential for successful participation in the programme : 

Applications are ranked based on the above criteria and acceptance/placement decisions are made starting with the most qualified applicants. 

7. How do I decide my academy options?
– Do your research about French cities. Shortlist the ones that you like, you might want to consider factors like climate, proximity to Paris, proximity to other countries that you wish to travel to, if your friends or relatives live nearby etc. Then you could discuss with past assistants their experience of academies of your choice of city.
8. Does the lettre de motivation have to be in English/ French?
– The form has both sections, so both.

9. What is the word limit of the lettre de motivation?

– There is no limit precised in the form. However, it the character limit ends after a certain extent. It is ideal to write 300 to 400 words, not more.
10. Is a 7-band score in IELTS considered for eligibility?
– Unfortunately, anything less than an overall band score of 7.5 is not considered. The individual module scores do not matter.
11. Can I attach my Attestation de réussite if I do not have my DELF certificate yet?
– Yes, you can.
12. I am residing outside India right now. Can I still apply?
– There is a lot of administrative work that needs to be done at the time of application, for which your presence is necessary for India. So the answer is no.
13. I am a French language teacher in India. Can I apply for the programme?
– If you still fulfil all the eligibility conditions, being a currently enrolled student at a recognized university or at an Alliance française in India, then yes you can.
14. What decides which academy I’ll be posted in?
– The selection committee decides based on factors like the school’s requirements for an assistant: most importantly, the type of English accent that the school wants their students to be exposed to, in addition to a few other deciding factors. Keep in mind, you may or may not get an academy of your choice, so do not fix any expectations, be flexible.

15. Can I request for my academy or school to be changed later on?
– No, it’s not possible.
16. How many expenses are involved initially after I get selected?
– An estimate of your charges for the following:
1. IELTS test
2. Flight booking
3. Apostillation
4. Some savings for the 1st month of your stay in France until you’re paid- 1000- 1300 euros approx.
The visa fee is waived for all Teaching Assistants.
17. Can I find another job while doing this programme?
– Officially and legally speaking, no. Although teaching assistants do some petits boulots like babysitting/ waitressing or hourly language teaching to people in France/ online in their country. The payments should not be received in the French bank account, but only in cash.

18. Is there a registration fee for the programme?

– No, this is an exchange programme. There is absolutely no registration fee.

Please note that I am not associated directly with the application/ selection process of the programme, but having been an English teaching assistant twice, I often write informative content about it since the programme is quite close to my heart and so I love guiding others who wish to go for the same.

In case you’d like me to help you frame/ proofread your lettre de motivation in French and/ or in English, you may write to me via WhatsApp + 91-9056131830.

Please refer to the FAQs related to the programme on the official website here.

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