Welcome to LingoRelic Language Academy! By enrolling in any of our courses, you are entering into a legally binding contract with the academy. These comprehensive Terms and Conditions form the foundation of our relationship with you throughout your learning journey at LingoRelic Language Academy.

Upon making your fee payment, you willingly commit to wholeheartedly adhere to the academy’s rules, regulations, and associated policies, which may undergo updates periodically.

Please be aware that any violation of these essential guidelines may lead to your removal or suspension from the course, as we prioritize maintaining a conducive and respectful learning environment for all our students.

  1. Once the fee payment is made, no refunds will be initiated for any reason. The fee is non-transferable (to another person), non-refundable, and non-freezable.
  2. For courses with periodic payments, students must deposit fees within the specified timeframe. Failure to do so allows LingoRelic to cancel all future classes without further notice.
  3. LingoRelic might allow students to change batches if there’s room in the same month, but moving from one month to another isn’t allowed. It’s not guaranteed you can switch, and if you can, there may be an extra fee set by LingoRelic. If not, students will stick to the usual class setup with study materials and recordings.
  4. All classes will be conducted via Skype and the class days and timings will be mutually agreed upon by the student(s) and the trainer.
  5. As a condition of participation, students are expected to maintain their camera on throughout the classes, only considering turning it off in exceptional circumstances where no other viable option exists.
  6. For an improved class experience, students are advised to stay punctual, mute their microphones during background noise and maintain reliable internet connectivity.
  7. LingoRelic provides soft copies of study material. Any purchase of books/CDs by the student is their responsibility; LingoRelic is not liable for any inconvenience or disputes with any seller.
  8. For students enrolled in private sessions, it is necessary to inform the tutor at least 24 hours in advance if there is an intention to miss a class. Failure to do so will result in considering the session as delivered. Supplementary sessions can be arranged for an extra fee determined by LingoRelic. It is important to be aware that any adjustments to the schedule are subject to the availability of the trainer and cannot be frequently requested.

    9. In the case of 1-1 sessions, the trainer waits for 10 minutes and if the student fails to show up due to any reason, the session will be deemed as delivered. Additional sessions can be scheduled upon request, subject to an extra fee determined by LingoRelic.

    10. The total duration of a course for group sessions may vary based on the number of students in the batch and the course content to be completed, including sufficient practice for each module done in class.

    11. During a student’s long absence, they will receive lesson recordings and study material. However, LingoRelic is not obliged to offer extra sessions. Extra sessions, if desired, come at an additional cost set by LingoRelic.

    12. LingoRelic disclaims responsibility for the academic progress of students with irregular attendance, including issues related to bad internet connectivity. The academy is not responsible for students who return after extended absences without reviewing recorded sessions, submitting homework, or participating in self-study.

    13. While we offer personalized feedback from time to time, the performance outcomes and exam results of students are not guaranteed by LingoRelic.

    14. We aim to provide our utmost support to weaker students, but additional fees may apply for level repetition/ extra sessions or placement in a lower level.

    15. LingoRelic’s certificate signifies course completion, not DELF/TEF/TCF certification. The Certificate of Completion requires attendance in at least 50% of the classes.

    16. While we offer lifetime access to study materials and recordings, it is the student’s responsibility to download and retain them during the ongoing course. In the event that the student fails to do so or inadvertently deletes the materials, LingoRelic may provide them again if available, but this shall not be considered an obligation on our part.

    17. In the event of a student misbehaving with LingoRelic faculty or engaging in misconduct towards another student(s), inside or outside the class, the management reserves the right to cancel the student’s course without issuing any refunds. The management’s decision in such situations will be final.

    18. Enrollment necessitates the provision of accurate and current contact information, encompassing mobile numbers, WhatsApp numbers, and email addresses. In the event of any modifications to these details, prompt notification is imperative.

  1. Force Majeure
    LingoRelic shall not be held accountable for any disruption in tuition or other services resulting from circumstances beyond our control. Refunds will not be issued in such situations. Nevertheless, options for additional classes may be explored at the earliest feasible opportunity.
  2. Should any challenges arise during the course, we encourage students to promptly reach out to us for assistance and resolution.

LingoRelic may revise these Terms & Conditions, including the fee structure, for its website and business at any time without prior notice. By using this website, you agree to be bound by the most current version of these Terms & Conditions.

LingoRelic Language Academy

For any inquiries or clarifications regarding the above terms and conditions, please contact us via WhatsApp at +91-9056131830 or email us at lingorelic@gmail.com.



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