TEF CANADA Preparation (All grammar studies in French + Equipped with B2/ C1 level of proficiency)



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Why take the TEF Canada Exam?

To migrate to Canada through Express Entry, you must demonstrate proficiency in either English or French, the official languages of Canada. Achieving good results on the TEF Canada can significantly boost your CRS score and your chances of being selected under various Provincial Nominee Programs in Canada. To prove English proficiency, you can take the IELTS or CELPIP exams. If your CRS score is still low, taking the TEF Canada language test can help compensate. To increase your points in Express Entry by demonstrating French proficiency, you need to take the TEF Canada exam and score a CLB 7 or above, that is, B2 or higher.



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  • Total Duration: 8- 10 months
  • Weekly classes: 3 to 4 
  • Duration of each live session: 1 hour
  • Classes via Skype
  • Material provided via Google Drive, Email, WhatsApp

Course highlights

  • Starts with an Introduction (How French is different from English)
  • Verbal and written instructions in French
  • Audio + Visual lessons
  • French Pronunciation and Reading out loud
  • Basic vocabulary to proceed with
  • Grammar basics followed by simple and then complex sentence formation
  • Regular revision and doubt sessions
  • Homework assignments & corrections outside of class
  • Speaking sessions including monologues, dialogues, and group discussions
  • Writing sessions covering informal and formal letters, emails, personal journals, postcards, stories, and compositions
  • In-depth discussion on reading and listening strategies
  • Practice reading and listening mock papers as homework followed by a review in class
  • TEF Canada Exam- Specific Preparation for each module- Tips & Strategies + Mock Tests


Fees once deposited are non-refundable and non-transferable for any cause.

Classes are held via Skype/ Google Meet. The days and timings for the classes shall be negotiable as per the student’s and the trainer’s availability.

Only soft copies of study material and books are provided. LingoRelic is not responsible for any delivery issue with any seller of hard copies.

In case of 1-1 sessions, if the student delays entering the meeting room within the first 10 minutes (without prior information), the session will be canceled and the service will be considered to have been delivered.

In general, the course content will be taken care of throughout the period of 8- 10 months. Some flexibility may be provided from our end. Study material will be provided for all sessions, recordings for valid absences will be provided, and the student may discuss doubts in the next session. However, LingoRelic shall not be liable to compensate for a long absence from the  student’s end due to any reason. Extra live sessions may be purchased at an extra cost.

The number of hours may be redeemed at any time within the period of course validity as per the purchased course. LingoRelic shall not be liable to compensation of the missed hours due to student’s non- seriousness during the course.

The certificate provided by LingoRelic shall state the student’s course completion with us. However, it shall not serve as an official exam certification.

LingoRelic shall not be liable to compensate for any information missed by the student communicated from our end via WhatsApp/ Email.

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