Life isn’t always “La vie en Rose”. Some days in life may be more difficult than others and emotionally, you may not be doing well all the time. Today, I bring to you some useful  expressions of sadness in French.

1. “Je ne me sens pas bien”

“Se sentir” is a pronominal verb which when conjugated with “Je” becomes “Je me sens”. In its negative form, it becomes “Je ne me sens pas”. Followed by the word “bien” it means “I am not feeling well”. That’s a very common expression of sadness in French.

2. ”Je déprime”

This expression is very common when you want to say “I am depressed”.

3. ”ça ne va pas du tout”

If you feel that things are probably out of your control and that maybe you are not able to set them right which makes you feel disturbed, use this expression.

4. ”Le ciel fait grise mine”

Now this one has more of a poetic meaning. It literally translates to “The sky is so grey.” Figuratively, this expression implies that probably everything around you is very depressing and makes you feel low.

5. ”J’ai le cafard”

This one is a weird and funny expression which when translated literally, becomes “I have the cockroach”. Well, as an expression, it means “I’m feeling low.”

6.”Je suis triste car tu me manques”

Feeling sad because you’re missing someone special? Tell them “I am sad because I’m missing you.”

7. ”Ce n’est pas la forme”

This expression translates to “I don’t feel so great.” 8. ”Rester muet(tes)”

Sometimes you may feel an intensity of sadness as to not being able to even speak! Here’s an example: Elle reste muette depuis 4 jours !

9. ”Broyer du noir”

“Je broie du noir” is an excellent French expression to say “I am very depressed”.

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