At this level, you can absolutely fend for yourself on your own while traveling in France or in a francophone country for an extended period of time. You’ll be able to read pretty well, with occasional recourse to a bilingual dictionary. You can carry on simple conversations as long as they don’t get very detailed. The themes are related to more global issues.


Before enrolling in a course, make sure to know the course content to be targeted in the same.

DELF B1 Course Content


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  • Maintain a personal journal
  • Write simple comprehensive texts, essays, & articles on global themes
  • Deal with ease with situations such as work, education, leisure, and many more.


No. of hours: 60 to 70 hours of live sessions 

Total course duration: 4 to 4.5 months

Duration of each live session: 1 hour

Weekly no. of sessions: 3 to 4

Class size: Not more than 6 students

Class schedule: Negotiable as per availability of students and trainer

Study material provided via Skype, Google Drive, Email, WhatsApp, Recordings of each live session provided

What you get ?

  • Starts with a brush- up of A1 & A2 grammar
  • Plenty of hours at an affordable per-hour cost with no compromise on quality
  • Personalized learning experience instead of a traditional institute experience
  • Recording for each live session
  • Focus on real-time communication
  • Art of reformulation
  • Application of learned grammar and complex structures in Speaking and Writing
  • WhatsApp assistance, homework correction, revision & doubt sessions, and personalized comments outside of class timings
  • Soft copies of study material and books
  • DELF B1 Exam Preparation for all modules



To get to this level, you should double the self-study time & effort of  what you need to do for level A2.


The course fee has to be deposited level-wise in advance. The fee cannot be deposited in installments for one level.

Classes will be held via Skype. The days and timings for the classes shall be negotiable as per the student’s and the trainer’s availability.

We only provide study material & books as soft copies. The student may purchase the hard copy at their own expense. LingoRelic shall not be responsible for any delivery issue with any seller.

In case of 1-1 sessions, if the student delays entering the meeting room within the first 10 minutes (without prior information), the session will be canceled and the service will be considered to have been delivered.

Fees once deposited are non-refundable and non-transferable for any cause.

The number of hours may be redeemed at any time within the period of course validity as per the purchased course. Extra sessions may be purchased at an extra cost.

The certificate provided by LingoRelic shall state the student’s completion of the course with us, however, it shall not serve as a DELF certification.

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