Being a language instructor, several people ask me, “Is online language learning as effective as the offline mode of teaching?”

I understand that determining whether to learn a foreign language offline or online could be a difficult decision. However, with the right kind of guidance, you will be able to make the right choice for yourself. The way we learn new skills is evolving each day with the advancing technology. The internet is helping inquisitive minds to have a broader range of options open to them for learning from anyone and anywhere in the world.

Online language learning is becoming the preferred way for a vast number of learners across the globe. With virtual distance learning programs, learners as well as trainers are benefitting from a more flexible approach in learning. The restrictions of location and time difference among countries have vanished. This implies that everybody can access the best quality of courses worldwide.

We all know the importance of the knowledge of foreign languages. It is therefore an excellent idea to bring the internet to its best use by learning from the best courses available online! Learning a foreign language is an asset not just to one’s personal growth but also to one’s professional life.

So for me it is definitely a great approach to exploit the power of the internet to learn something productive! Life is becoming more and more easy with the way everybody has access to the internet. The possibilities are endless! The tasks that seemed unrealistic a few decades ago are now happening and it’s not a dream anymore.

Now you can accomplish this by not even having to spend time on traveling to a location. You will not even need to incur any additional expenses. All you need is:

  1. a noise- free environment,
  2. a laptop or a smartphone with a camera,
  3. access to high- speed internet, some language apps/ software and
  4. headphones.

Despite all this development, some learners still believe that online language learning may not be as effective. Even if you believe the same, this article is meant for you.

Benefits of Online Foreign Language Learning

The internet is an excellent tool in the kind of lives we live today. It can make your task easier by helping you find the best language courses even across the world. Here are some top benefits of online lessons for language learning:

1. Flexibility in terms of time

Online language classes tend to be more flexible in terms of timings. Hence , they are better suited to those who have constraints of time. You can attend online sessions even during your lunch break or just as you wake up. You will not have to get ready to arrive at a location.

Moreover, time difference across countries disappears. Most online language courses are flexible to operating across the globe. They provide several options for class timings which the learners can choose from. Because these are classes held via computer applications, all you need to do is login at the time of the session and you’re good to go!

2. You get the liberty to choose the languages and your language instructors

You can choose which language you wish to learn even if it isn’t available nearest to you and you can still find the best tutors well- suited to your learning needs. In most cases, you are free to specify your learning needs to the tutor and have a course tailor- made as per your own pace and as per your requirement. You will not even have to compromise upon your willingness to learn in case of unavailability of courses in your area. Hence, the money and time you spend here will be absolutely worth it.

3. Learn From Wherever You Are

Online language learning is highly convenient and productive! You are free to learn from anywhere across the world and even time differences don’t exist anymore! You don’t have to struggle at all to travel long distances to get classes, thanks to the internet that has made life so much more easy and smooth! Plus, you get the freedom to practice as per your comfort and with flexible timings.

Online language learning is very safe, and it implies that you can learn from the comfortable and familiar environment of your home even in your pjs without spending the extra cost that you would otherwise in order to reach a location. Even if you’re traveling, you can manage attending your classes provided you have a noise- free environment and a good internet connection. You just login at the time of your class and voila, happy learning!

4. Online Language Courses are really effective

Generally, online language trainers have strategies and pedagogy of teaching online which are absolutely different from offline teaching. Your trainer will provide you with a plethora of study material including pdf documents, presentations, audios, videos, text messages and what not! They will focus not just on grammar lessons but will make sure you work well with all the components of language- Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. Furthermore, you can make use of varied resources like online dictionaries, verb conjugator apps, translation apps to aid your learning while also getting your tutor’s feedback from time to time.

Moreover, in case you’re too hesitant or shy, you can opt for customized online one- on- one sessions with the tutor. These classes are more autonomous and will speed up your learning process in that you will learn to express yourself in a new language more confidently, freely and correctly. Most online language tutors allow you to record the sessions which you can access anytime later to practice while repeating the concepts and help them sink in better.

5. You Can Also Learn From Native Speakers of your Target Language

There are immense benefits of learning your target language from a native speaker! This can provide you exposure to the accent, informal conversation, slangs, idioms, dialects, cultural and historical knowledge and most importantly, confidence!

6. You can easily find courses for the uncommon languages which you might otherwise not be able to find nearby

Not everybody wants to learn the most popular foreign languages. In fact, for the more uncommon languages like Croatian, Dutch, Hungarian, Romanian and many more, it is very tough and almost impossible to find an instructor nearby. But killing your interest is definitely not the answer. Here, online classes are your only resort.

Conclusion: Should you take Online Language Classes?

Well if you are still wondering if it is a right decision for you to get enrolled in an online language course, evaluate your need, situation and then come to a decision as per your goal for learning the language. Learning a foreign language is always possible through the multiple online options available all across the world. If you really wish to learn a foreign language but your routine doesn’t allow you the time, online language classes are meant to come to your rescue.


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