French learners find the DELF B2 Speaking test the most difficult module. Let’s discuss some tips and strategies that will help you make this challenge much easier!

What you are expected to do in the DELF B2 Speaking test

You’ll need to prepare a 10-minute long presentation based on a short extract from a newspaper/ magazine/ internet. For this, you will have 30 minutes of preparation time. At the end of 30 minutes, you’ll discuss this presentation with the examiners for about 10 minutes. This time duration will be monitored by the examiner. You’ll be given 2 topics to choose from. You should try to choose the right one, that is, the one that you have more vocabulary and ideas on. Making the right decision about this is all about employing the right technique, structure of presentation, sentence structures and getting maximum possible marks. So it is definitely not about what you enjoy discussing the most. Choose your topic not because you think it is interesting, but instead because you have more French vocabulary and ideas to elaborate on it. Act smart! You will have to present good arguments and support them with good examples (real or imaginary).

This is what the DELF B2 Speaking test usually looks like:

Part- 1: Introduction: Present the topic you’ve been given, explain its content in a summary, find the issue and then explain how you are going to structure your discussion. (about 3 minutes)
Part- 2: Development: Present your arguments and then defend them as per the plan you explained earlier (you can have 2- 3 ideas) (about 8 minutes)
Part- 3: Conclusion: Summarize your oral presentation, then present your conclusion while suggesting solutions to the problem at hand. (about 2 minutes)
Part- 4: Debate: The examiner will now ask you questions to which you are supposed to give answers while skillfully defending your point of view. (7 minutes)

To obtain better marks in the Speaking test, you must make sure to organize your ideas and thoughts first. Also, make sure that all the arguments you are presenting are relevant to the discussion. Avoid beating about the bush. In this part, correct grammar is definitely important but not the most important aspect. You must give it your best in terms of following the structure of Speaking, grammar, pronunciations, content and argumentation.

You must master the following skills for the DELF B2 Speaking test:

  • Present what document you have got (source, date, publication etc.)
  • Extract and explain its theme
  • Defend your arguments while supporting them with relevant examples
  • Structure and organize your thoughts and ideas to help the examiner follow you easily
  • React to the examiner’s opinion while defending your own with relevant justification and examples.

How to plan this?

During the 30- minute preparation time, you most definitely need to make notes to organize the ideas you have on the theme you have to speak about. Use this time smartly by writing down or highlighting the keywords that strike you the most in the extract. These keywords will make it easier for you to extract the main theme of the topic. However, during this preparation time, do not write complete sentences/ paragraphs. Only note down the most important points that you are going to elaborate in front of the examiner. Since this is a “speaking” test, the examiner will not allow you to read out an already written essay. So it is enough to have a plan on the draft and elaborate it while the test is ongoing. It is better to note down a few keywords, key ideas, connectors, subjunctives and some expressions that you are going to use in your presentation. During the preparation time, you are also suggested to already imagine the possible questions/ arguments that the examiner might say after your presentation. This will help you to be prepared to have a discussion/ argumentation over the same.


  • Extract the problématique (use keywords for this)
  • Build relevant arguments using the theme and the keywords in the extract.
  • Organize these arguments into a logical order while adding examples (real/ imaginary)
  • Make a complete plan for presentation (while adding keywords)

Here’s how to practice your French Speaking skills for DELF B2 Exam

  • Pronunciation, rhythm, intonation: Record yourself while practicing. It will help you with time management and in the overall structure of your presentation.
  • Fluency: Do not obsess on speaking too quickly. Instead, take your time, rephrase and reformulate wherever you feel blocked. It can easily be done by using alternative forms, opposite words, synonyms, negation etc.
  • During the preparation time, write down and promise yourself to use a variety of connectors (5- 7), subjonctif (5- 7 times) and grammar components to make complex tenses. Start getting habitual of them with regular practice.
  • Watch French videos and listen to French podcasts. This helps in Speaking because it equips you with not only vocabulary but also with the French way of speaking which you can imitate.

Now that you’ve got the smartest tips for DELF B2 Speaking exam preparation, you are good to go!
Bonne continuation!

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