French is one of the most widely-spoken languages across the world. It is always a common choice when one plans to learn a foreign language. To learn anything new, dedicated practice and discipline are required. This helps you concentrate and stay updated. Besides, with regular practice, you also give your brain the opportunity to rest and process what you have learnt. Step- by- step is smarter than trying to cover it all in one go. This also goes true for your dream of French learning. Whether you’re a complete beginner or are planning to brush up on your French skills, today I bring for you my pick of the most effective tips to learn French at home. Continue to read this article if you are also looking forward to becoming independent in French communication faster.

1. Start with a French language learning app (Excellent for newbies)

If you have never learnt French before, a smart approach to get started with is to learn some basic French vocabulary (with audio pronunciations and spellings) before everything else. This way you start getting the hang of the language in how it is different from English. Your brain starts to comprehend how it is pronounced differently and written differently. For this, you could start with installing and practicing on some language learning apps on your phone. Many of these apps are unpaid and engaging. Their interface is designed to teach you basic vocabulary and then quiz you until you have the words saved in your long- term memory. Here are names of some useful resources: Duolingo, HelloTalk and Babbel, Linguistica.

2. Listen to French radio

Even though it may seem tough, listening to hours of French in a passive mode is extremely productive learning in order to get the way the language sounds in your mind. It really does not matter whether you understand what is being spoken. Just show patience and listen to French news every single day and see how over the time you become so much at ease with understanding the natives. Here’s where you could listen to French radio: Radio France, Fun Radio, Chérie FM, SkyrockFrance Inter, France Culture, France Info, RFI.

3. Read news in French

Make a dedicated effort to read a bit religiously each day. An online French newspaper is the best resource for reading. Some news articles are not too long and so you may choose the ones you wish to read. Moreover you can stay updated about different ongoing events daily. Read the whole article and try to understand it independently even as little as possible first. Later, if you are stuck on some vocabulary, use a dictionary or sometimes Google Translator. Here’s where you could find some French newspapers: RFI Savoirs, Le Monde, Le Figaro, Le Parisien, Libération, Les Echos, L’Humanité, La Croix, France Soir.

4. Watch French TV and films

To start with, absolute beginners can watch content with the subtitles in their own language. If you feel more capable, watch with French subtitles or no subtitles! This way you get to learn new expressions, idioms (and swearing)! Another productive idea is to watch the French version of a show/ film that you have already watched in English. This way you already know the plot and the characters, and your focus is more on the dialogues and language. You could watch French TV on TV5 Monde.

5. Communicate with people (natives and other French learners) in French

In order to build that comfort, you should try to initiate communicating in French right away as soon as you have learnt some basic expressions and conversation. Even though it may seem strange and  uncomfortable at first, this effort goes a long way in building a strong foundation. There are lots of free
language exchange apps that offer learners to connect with native speakers and with other learners. Here you could find a study partner or a native friend to practice your French with. Learning French at home is certainly challenging, but you do like taking challenges, right? So figure out your study method and see
what works best for you and get started! On y va !

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