Personality Development Course

Why is Personality Development so important?

A well- groomed personality can always act as an asset in attaining success which depends more on the individual’s soft skills as compared to his/ her operative skills. Individuals who possess these skills (strong communication, interpersonal skills, confidence, networking skills, a good attitude and capacity to take risks fearlessly) are almost always able to prove themselves much more competent than the ones who lack these competencies. Most companies and businesses hunt for employees who have excellent soft skills since these are the factors that represent the image of the organization.

Personality traits of every individual are influenced by certain factors and these are moulded in a particular pattern early in an individual’s life. Over the passage of time as an individual grows, they strengthen. He/ she continues to become more complex as a person and doesn’t realise that he/ she must bring to use some unique qualities and skills to become successful. One develops a tendency to  become rigid in one’s opinions, habits, beliefs and actions and hence, one doesn’t easily welcome the change that one may come across in life.

Personality encloses all the aspects of the way a person presents himself to the outer world. One’s Personality and Soft Skills revolve around the following aspects:

  • Communication Skills
  • Manners & Etiquette
  • Capacity to cope with different situations
  • Behavior, attitude, feelings, thoughts
  • Body Language
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Personal Grooming
  • Confidence

Why should you choose LingoRelic Language Academy for Personality Development/ Soft Skills Classes in Chandigarh?

LingoRelic, we offer you the most exceptional kind of Personality Development / Soft Skills training in Chandigarh. You’re transformed into a new version of yourself regardless of your age, education, environment, opinions and habits. This program is unique and has been planned in a manner that helps learners to work on their weaker areas and greatly groom their personality. So if you wish to groom your personality, seek the right guidance at LingoRelic Language Academy  from the best and most qualified Personality Development trainers.

A Personality Development/ Soft Skills course at LingoRelic includes the following:

  • Speaking Skills– We hold English speaking sessions which help improve your communication skills and most certainly, your confidence!
  • Interview preparation – We guide you as to how to make a good first impression. Interview preparation is provided wherein you attain skills to deal with the interviewer and to lay a great impression.
  • Guidance regarding the correct dress sense– Dress codes hold extreme importance and must always conform to the kind of occasion. We guide you regarding the same.
  • Leadership qualities and confidence – You’re taught to build self- confidence which encourages you to have leadership qualities and voluntariness.
  • Self- discipline & Decision- making –  We provide guidance about managing a disciplined life and making decisions more confidently in life.
  • Time Management – An absolutely important component, we provide you useful guidance on time management and hence making your life smoother.
  • Stress Management- You’re guided as to how to manage a situation that may cause worry and tips to overcome it.


Do you fear communicating in English and wish you could communicate as impressively as you’d ever imagine? The best Spoken English course in Chandigarh is specially designed to help you! In this course, you will develop the speaking skills required for group discussions: how to agree or disagree, how to clarify, restate and summarise. You will review and practice how to give information and respond to requests on the phone. You will study and role play effective interviewing. You will prepare and give a sales “pitch”, introducing a product or service. Through this course, you will be able to adjust your English communication and you will develop more fluency and accuracy while speaking. You will demonstrate a culturally- appropriate body language as well as tone. With the help of a combination of lectures, comprehension & vocabulary quizzes, practice & performance, you will gain the skills and confidence required in order to communicate impressively in English, in any part of the world.

By the end of this course you will have:

  • Changed your manner of communicating in English
  • Improved your pronunciation & fluency
  • Expanded your English vocabulary
  • Become expert in identifying how culture influences your speech
  • Learnt to use culture to help you speak correctly
  • Learnt statements, questions & answers for different settings & situations

Why Choose LingoRelic for Spoken English Classes?

At LingoRelic, we offer you a personalised learning experience wherein we focus not just on sharpening your linguistic abilities but also on making your communicative skills more impressive. At LingoRelic, our trainers follow a unique pedagogy for upgrading students’ knowledge and its practical implementation while focusing on not only verbal but also non- verbal communication. There exist multiple factors that help to make your English communication really effective. One major factor is that our teaching techniques are absolutely activity- based focused on  deriving objective results.

Our main focus is on the following areas:

  1. Confidence in speaking English
  2. Sentence Formation
  3. Knowledge of Grammar
  4. Pronunciations
  5. Accent
  6. Vocabulary & Syntax
  7. Fluency
  8. Creative imagination & Writing
  9. Presentation Skills

We, at LingoRelic, encourage our learners to:

  • Practice till the end with activities based on Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. We provide effective suggestions for watching a plethora of English shows, movies, podcasts etc, with subtitles, and later without subtitles.
  • Practice vocabulary and learning new words in sentence formation on a regular basis.
  • We also suggest reading resources such as comics, novels, magazines, articles, newspapers etc. This method will enable the learners to build an excellent. We always lay stress on making a habit of reading out aloud.
  • Practice communicating in English with people around you, your friends, your parents and hence gain confidence in communicating in English.

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