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LingoRelic is everything you’ll ever need to become an excellent French speaker. With us, you will not just learn but in fact LIVE the French language!

At LingoRelic, we take you through a journey from being an absolute novice to being an expert at proficient French communication. You will find yourself communicating with native French speakers in absolutely no time. We work on all aspects of language learning: Sentence formation, pronunciation & accent, listening comprehension, knowledge of grammatical concepts and implementation of what you know in real life personal and professional settings.

LingoRelic offers you:

– 60- minute small group or one- to- one classes

– Very experienced, proficient, B2 and C1 level qualified trainers who provide individual attention to each learner

– Knowledge about French Language & Culture

– Regular & personalised feedback from the trainer about your performance

– Exam preparation: TEF Canada, TCF Canada, TEFaQ, DELF- A1, A2, B1, B2, DALF- C1

– French for school/ college curriculum

– French for kids



LingoRelic is here to help you get experts at communication straight away by learning the most useful language worldwide, the English language. Attend our live online sessions with our well- experienced trainers who not only provide you lessons for grammar, but also focus on the four major components of Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing. Not just that, you also get to do quizzes, games, practice exercises and insights to body language and develop confidence to implement what you know in a social or a professional setting! The fact that our online teaching techniques differ widely from the offline mode of teaching makes the course absolutely worth your time as well as money!




We, at LingoRelic, help you discover our personality development course online, planned to enable you to build the personal skills you need to succeed in personal as well as professional settings. LingoRelic offers a Personality Development course to help you improve your life, guide you about planning your career, achieving success in your career & life, time management, and a lot more. With LingoRelic, prepare yourselves to obtain the inspiration that will move ahead your journey of personality development. Explore these online LingoRelic sessions that provide classes on a vast variety of methods and tools to enhance personal growth, and important capabilities to be learnt. These include time management, organisational skills, planning & productivity, and a lot more! These classes guided by our expert trainers will take your path to new directions. Get classes divided into short sessions to make significant leaps in your personal growth. So start your personality development journey today with us!

Our personality development course is an excellent fit for:

  • Professionals who desire to improve their personality and succeed in their career.
  • Those who wish to enhance their confidence and groom themselves to cope with the current competition.


IV. IELTS  (International English Language Testing System)

LingoRelic provides IELTS preparation courses online to enable you qualify every section of the IELTS exam, including Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing.

On the program you will:

  • Know about the IELTS test process and exam format
  • Get to know useful test-taking tips & tricks for the IELTS- Academic & General tests
  • Hone your skills in English Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing.
  • Examine the criteria of evaluation and know what is required to achieve high scores
  • Explore the variety of task types that are a part of the IELTS exam
  • Obtain strategies and plan techniques to prepare for the IELTS test.


V. PTE (Pearson’s Test of English)

LingoRelic provides the best online PTE training experience to enable you achieve the scores you desire. Our proficient and well- experienced faculty is well- equipped to provide such an environment to train the learners wherein they enable them to take up smoothly every opportunity they are offered outside the country. In addition, our HelpDesk is always open for you to seek guidance, counselling related to study visas and to discuss your concerns. PTE is one of the most accepted English proficiency tests, thanks to its availability of exam dates and quick results. The test result is used by embassies and employers in their candidate evaluation process. This is the world’s leading computer- based English test for candidates who desire to study or immigrate abroad. The PTE score is accepted by various academic institutes worldwide including Harvard Business School, INSEAD and Yale University. A good PTE score can greatly improve your chances of success.

In our step- by- step PTE course, you will first learn and understand all the basic concepts, and then get to practice a huge number of questions. Out trainers will teach you methods, tips, tricks and concepts that you will require to know to obtain a high score. After each session, you will observe how your confidence and ability do increase. Most candidates are able to achieve their desired score in a study of about a month.


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