DALF C1- Independent User

DALF C1- Independent User

DALF- Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française

At this level, you have in-depth knowledge of French and you are an experienced user of French. You become capable of understanding long, complex texts, understanding the implicit meaning of texts, and expressing yourself fluently, clearly, and in a well-structured manner in social, professional, and academic situations. To reach this level of proficiency, you will need to make French your way of life wherein you think and carry out most tasks in French.

No. of hours : 180 (100 hours of live sessions + 80 hours of homework assignments)

Duration of each live session : 1- 2 hours depending on number of students in batch
Total Course Duration : 3- 4 months 
Weekly no. of sessions : 3- 4 weekly
Class size : 6- 8 students

Fee :  INR 35000 (complete amount payable in advance)


What you get in this course?

  • Experienced B2- C1 qualified trainer
  • Grammar brush- up of the previous levels included at no extra cost

  • Adequate number of hours at very affordable per hour cost with no compromise on quality
  • Total course duration not too long to suit your timeline
  • Personalized learning experience for students instead of a traditional institute experience
  • Grammar tips, Native vocabulary, Slang, and Expressions
  • French learned in French- No translation from another language
  • Recording for every single live session held whether you have attended or not (for a second revision)
  • Exam Preparation provided at no extra cost- All modules covered
  • WhatsApp assistance to solve doubts outside of class timings
  • WhatsApp assistance to solve doubts even after the course completion
  • Homework correction even after course completion
  • Doubt- discussion and homework correction with personalized comments
  • One- on- One sessions or small group of not more than 10 learners
  • Extra hours of homework assignments and guidance for self-study
  • Soft copies of study material and books provided
  • Course- completion certificate


  • The course fee has to be deposited level-wise in advance after the completion of one demo session. The fee cannot be deposited in installments for one level.
  • The days and timings for the classes shall be negotiable as per the student’s and the trainer’s availability.
  • Classes will be held via Skype. The meeting link will be provided to the student from our end prior to the start of the session via WhatsApp/ email.
  • We only provide study material & books as soft copies. If the student wishes, they may purchase the hard copy at their own expense. We shall provide suggestions for the same. LingoRelic shall not be responsible for any delivery issue with the seller.
  • In case of one- on- one sessions, if the student delays entering the meeting room within the first 10 minutes (without prior information), the session will be canceled and the service will be considered to have been delivered.
  • Fees once deposited are non-refundable and non-transferable for any cause.
  • The number of hours may be redeemed at any time within the period of course validity as per the purchased course. Extra sessions may be purchased at INR 1500 per hour.
  • The certificate provided by LingoRelic shall state the student’s completion of the course with us, however it shall not serve as a DALF certification.

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