French Course Outline Chandigarh

At LingoRelic, you can avail a variety of French class options among online and offline. These include not only Group French sessions but also Private French sessions (One- to- One), Self- learners’ programme for French, and a lot more. With these varied options available for online as well as offline classes, LingoRelic ensures a learning path for every motive.

I. Group French Sessions

The Group sessions for French are provided with the use of the core LingoRelic language teaching methods which include a certain level of instructor- led offline as well as online live sessions taught in real- time. These sessions are convenient, comfortable, personal, cost- effective and most definitely help you stay motivated with the trainer’s consistent feedback for you to track your progress on a consistent basis. The goal is to enable the learners to become independent in using the language in practical life situations, so instead of sticking to just Grammar, a variety of Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing activities are carried out on a regular basis.

 II. Private French Sessions (One- to- One)

Through this personal live interaction between the learner and the instructor, you obtain an opportunity to get immersed in the French language, to make sure that you learn the language offline/ online in the fastest manner possible and of course, with great results! You get all the personal attention of the instructor wherein you get ample time to discuss your doubts, correct your errors and get consistent feedback from the instructor’s end. These one- to- one sessions with your trainer will provide you the chance to be able to find and focus more upon the areas you need to work on. The instructor strives in order to make the learner independent in using the language through the use of a tailor- made course which fits well to the student’s level, capacity as well as pace.

III. Self-learners’ Programme for French:

This course is meant especially for learners who due to their busy work schedule, find it difficult to attend regular sessions, and instead prefer a course well- matched to their routine. We help you learn French language online while you’re curled up in your bed in your pjs, or while you’re heading to office in the morning or even when you’re taking a short break at work! Never will you ever feel rushed since these lessons are tailor- made such that you can easily learn French at your own pace at LingoRelic. Every morning, you’ll receive your lesson via e-mail. These lessons may comprise of useful grammar lessons, videos, reading passages, dialogues, verb conjugations, practice exercises & activities in French.  Furthermore, you can contact us if you think you need some guidance during the course of your learning.

At LingoRelic, you get:

  • CEFR learning- DELF- A1, A2, B1, B2, DALF C1, TEF Canada, TCF Canada
  • 1 Free trial class
  • Expert design learning materials
  • Module Training for exam preparation: Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing
  • Personalised feedback & Doubt sessions
  • Roleplays
  • Real- life language- Plethora of French slangs, expressions, phrases & idioms!
  • Insights to the French culture
  • Self- learners’ programme
  • Special discussion sessions
  • Plethora of study & practice material
  • Mock tests for exam practice for DELF, DALF, TEF, TCF


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